Livestock Monitoring and Control Technologies

The Livestock Monitoring System (LMS) is designed to monitor animal transactions and animal products, track milk and dairy products across the country with a QR code system, monitor ovine, bovine and poultry for centralized slaughter, and record fishing processes and fishermen.

Why Choose Livestock Monitoring System (LMS)?

Comprehensive Monitoring: Provide full control from production to consumption by instantly monitoring all animal processes and products.

Safe Product Tracking: Track the safety and quality of milk and dairy products across the country with the QR code system.

Centralized Control: Deliver safe and healthy products to consumers by centrally monitoring the status of animals destined for slaughter.

Fishing Records: Create a sustainable and organized fishing system by recording fishing processes and fishermen.

Increased Safety: Protect consumer health and ensure safe food by ensuring the safety of animal products.

Efficiency and Transparency: Ensure traceability and accountability by making your business processes more efficient and transparent.

Modernize your livestock operations and meet a safer, more efficient and transparent system. Step into a new era in animal husbandry with Livestock Monitoring System (LMS). Contact us now for more information!